Monday, 9 September 2013

beautiful brides

The bridal dress makes up a significant part of all bridal style. Pakistani bridal style includes heavily worked up lehengas, ghagras  and shararas. Although many brides opt for the contemporary frocks and suits, following celebrity style tips. The various fashion style tips provided by magazines also include the suits and frocks.

Check out the latest bridal hairstyle  and so much more Hairstyle setting is a must part of bride’s preparation and a good hairstyle needs certain preparations.

Hairstyle setting is a must part of bride’s preparation and a good hairstyle needs certain preparations. When you visit a beauty for bridal hairstyle  wear a simple shirt; bring flowers with you or a picture of looks that you like. Make sure that you have a clean dry hair a clean, moisturized face, camera and expect to spend an hour with hair, makeup and be expressive about your hairstyle.

Last week, I attended the marriage, a procession of my friend which took place in Lahore on the 24th of March this year. At about seven in the evening the bride-groom was neatly dressed. He put on 3- piece of black color He looked very attractive and beautiful. After Sehra-bandi the bride-groom got on the car bedecked with flowers. A few other members of the family also got on. The procession started. The procession was led by the musical band in their gaily colored uniform. They were holding drums, bagpipes, and flutes etc. The were playing the tunes of popular film songs. Some men carried gas- lamps on their heads. When the procession entered into a street, crackers were exploded. Five works were also let off. A relative of the bride-groom took a handful of coins from a bag and tossed them into air. They fell on the ground with juggling sound. A few beggar boys and others ran to get them. People, from their houses, had come to the house-tops. They were looking at it very merrily. Now brat had reached the bride house. It was illuminated with colorful and sparkling light Tube lights were erected in the street. Young girls dressed bright eye catching colors, holding flower petals in baskets, were standing near the house. They showered flower petals on the procession. Bride- groom was made to sit on the sofa. He was entertained with a glass of milk containing pistachio and almond. He along with his friends sipped it. Then Nike ceremony was held. After it, people prayed from  their better future. After then meal was served which was very delicious. At about 11:30 P.M., we departed along with the bride in the same car. We returned home safe and sound. That day I enjoyed a lot.


Dress code is one of the key elements to enhance your looks; when we shift our focus on girls they are more conscious and trend selective, especially when they are selecting their own bridal outfit. Due to Pakistani wedding culture, Pakistani brides are more conscious for their wedding dresses, because they know they are going to be the spotlight personality, so they are choosy for selecting their Pakistani bridal outfits. In current era, Pakistani fashion designers do highlight Pakistani bridal fashion and Pakistani Barat dresses in Pakistan and its neighboring countries, with this regard people are well aware about their wedding outfits. Pakistani fashion designers have huge line of latest Pakistani bridal dresses according to the season and taste of Pakistani brides which Includes Pakistani bridal Lehnga’s, Pakistani brid.